the drama between beliebers & jelena shippers needs to end. i happen to be both of them, and i don’t know what is more offensive: them talking shit about us, or us talking shit about them. but what i do know is that it’s all stupid and seriously immature, so how about we all just get along? it seems like jelena might be happening once again anyways, so we all just have to deal with it and stop this stupid nonsense of blaming one fandom or the other for stupid things.


I just want to capture this moment with you 


i hope jelena gets spotted in cali today, i need fkn pictures



I understand everybody is just trying to defend the person they care about. I get that.

But neither Justin nor Selena are a “flop”.

Journals was barely an album, and got to number one. All the singles did at some point, and there was barely press for it. He didn’t go around promoting it and…


I bet Selena is sooo proud of her man.